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Virtual Reiki Meditation

This 30 minute virtual session offers connection, relaxation and balance. Offering individual, as a pair or group.   

Each session includes intuitive conversation to find intentions and guided Reiki meditation.  

*Virtual 30 Minute Session​​ 

(Individual or Group)

*Contact me for pricing 

Virtual Spirit Animal Card Reading

Have you ever wondered why an animal shows up in your dreams or waking life? Find your animal spirit guides and totems through a card reading.  Choose between a 7 card draw for the present or go beyond with an 11 card draw for past, present and future.

Each session includes a follow-up email communication outlining the spirit animals and their meanings. 

*45 | 90 Minute Session


*Contact me for pricing

Animal Reiki Reading

Animal Readings are done in person or virtually.  Each session is unique to the animal client and will include Reiki energy to aid in a calm and healing environment. Whether an animal is experiencing pain from illness, expressing anxiety, is part of a life shift or recently rescued, each reading helps connect us humans to our animals.  

*30 | 45 | 60 Minute Session

*Contact me for pricing

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